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Feb 04, 17   0 Comment 'Youth In Oregon'

Jan 29, 17   0 Comment 'Youth In Oregon'

Samuel Goldwyn Films has provided with an exclusive Youth in Oregon clip, which you can watch below. The new dramedy is opening on February 3 in Los Angeles, New York and on VOD. Read More: // here

Dec 26, 16   0 Comment 'Youth In Oregon'

Orion Pictures and Samuel Goldwyn Films bought the U.S. rights to Frank Langella’s drama “Youth in Oregon” and will release the movie theatrically and on demand on Feb. 3. “Youth in Oregon” is directed by Joel David Moore from a script by Andrew Eisen. The film also stars Billy Crudup and Christina Applegate with Mary […]

Apr 17, 16   0 Comment 'Youth In Oregon'

Directed by Joel David Moore and written by Andrew Eisen, Youth In Oregon stars Frank Langella as an 82-year-old man who has made arrangements to be euthanized in Oregon. What ensues is a very touching family road-trip dramedy with surprising comedic moments and superb performances depicting the raw emotions involved in dealing with such a […]