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Sep 29, 18   0 Comment 'Almost Famous'

Crowe will write book and work with composer Tom Kitt on the original songs. Read More here

Apr 15, 18   0 Comment 'Almost Famous', screenings

01 Aug @ 8:45pm – Almost Famous // Website: here

Sep 20, 15   0 Comment 'Almost Famous'

It is a time tested truth that nostalgia fogs up one’s memory of the past worse than downpour hitting the windshield of a bus careening down a highway during a rainstorm. One cannot truly remember without that said memory being filtered through every feeling, obsession, interaction, and nuance that existed in the time in which […]

Sep 20, 15   0 Comment 'Almost Famous'

The 15th anniversary of Almost Famous is approaching, and to celebrate, director Cameron Crowe has been sharing some rare behind the scenes photos and artwork from his acclaimed semi-autobiographical drama. It’s hard to believe it’s been 15 years since the world was introduced to Stillwater, the Enemy, and the manic pixie stylings of Kate Hudson. […]

Sep 20, 15   0 Comment 'Almost Famous'

Given its focus on music and the people who love it, it’s appropriate that Almost Famous is one of those movies that works like an old favorite record. Sure, it stands up well as a whole, but you can also be flipping channels, see that some cable airing is about to hit one of your […]