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Apr 27, 19   0 Comment 'Almost Famous'

“It all feels like fun destiny,” Crowe says of musical opening in his hometown. Read More here

From first love to first heartbreak, and everything in-between. Almost Famous (2000) From Sing Street to Scott Pilgrim vs the World to We Are the Best, everyone knows the fastest way to come of age is to start a band — or start covering a band for Rolling Stone as a teenager. Cameron Crowe directs […]

Sep 29, 18   0 Comment 'Almost Famous'

Crowe will write book and work with composer Tom Kitt on the original songs. Read More here

Apr 15, 18   0 Comment 'Almost Famous', screenings

01 Aug @ 8:45pm – Almost Famous // Website: here

Sep 20, 15   0 Comment 'Almost Famous'

It is a time tested truth that nostalgia fogs up one’s memory of the past worse than downpour hitting the windshield of a bus careening down a highway during a rainstorm. One cannot truly remember without that said memory being filtered through every feeling, obsession, interaction, and nuance that existed in the time in which […]