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Actor Billy Crudup came to the Florida Film Festival for a Friday showing of “Jesus’ Son,” a 1999 drama in which his character finds redemption. But two upcoming movies this year — “Alien: Covenant” and “Justice League” — are bound to bring heavy attention to the actor. He’s a familiar face for “Almost Famous,” “Jackie,” […]

Apr 02, 17   0 Comment 'Justice League'

The WB panel at CinemaCon 2017 was jam packed with their 2017 slate and beyond, but there’s definitely a ravenouse group (myself included) of comic book fans that were starving for one thing more than any other and that’s news from the DCEU. So, we’ve decided to break up the panels and give you the […]

Apr 02, 17   0 Comment 'Justice League'

The packed audience inside Caesars Palace for Warner Bros’ presentation were jazzed over the peeks they got from the studio on its D.C. Comic-based films — Justice League, Wonder Woman and Aquaman. Read More: // here