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Eyes meet across full tables of guests. Unspoken truths reveal themselves as stringed instruments drive tension to a peak. After the wedding everything will be explained and sorted out, surely. Or will a multitude of secrets be too much for a loving family to overcome? Re-making Susanne Bier’s 2006 Danish language film, Bart Freundlich directs […]

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Jun 21, 14   0 Comment Reviews

There still seems to be a fascination with cop films set in the 1970s and/or in New York City that goes on decades after the actual era, but I think that in Blood Ties there were certainly interesting ingredients that drew people to it. It had some familiar names; a screening at Cannes yet came […]

Shot on a Red digital camera but clearly intended as a silver-nitrate noir, Noah Buschel’s “Glass Chin” is a throwback to an earlier era. Set in the world of broken dreams, bloody knuckles and stale coffee, Buschel’s script is pure pulp poetry and easily the best thing about a pic that’s not quite flashy enough […]

Feb 02, 14   0 Comment Reviews, Rudderless

Rudderless is the grief movie of Sundance. I must be an enigma to some readers because I criticize important movies that exploit tragedy, but revel in movies that deal with grief. Well, Rudderless is a great case study in what I want in a drama. It turns grief into vitality and tragedy into beauty. When […]