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Dec 17, 2016   Leave a Comment 'Jackie', Press / Article

Billy Crudup is one of the most dependable pitch-hitters for directors who are lucky enough to have him in an ensemble cast. This December the reliable actor plays a man who provides brief feats of hope for a house of women in 20th Century Women and he plays a journalist who’s tasked with profiling Jackie Kennedy after the assassination of her husband, President John F. Kennedy, in Jackie. With Women, Crudup is allowed to show his natural charm. With Jackie, the consummate professional that he is, Crudup allows his character to serve as a narrative device. Someone for the former first lady (Natalie Portman) to sound off against. It’s a role that won’t land on the actor’s best ever performances lists, but it perfectly suits the film and is a reminder that Crudup is always there to do what’s best for the film. Read More: // here

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