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Mar 25, 2018   Leave a Comment 'Harry Clarke'

Let’s face it: You didn’t come here for me to regurgitate the facts about this show. Chances are, you’ve already read that Billy Crudup plays a Midwestern man who since childhood has felt that an English accent was his “true voice” despite physical and verbal abuse from peers and from his homophobic father. Who moves to New York following his father’s death to live his desired life as an Englishman. Who, from following a man one day to meeting him by happenstance at a theater months later to a series of impulsive decisions made afterwards, charms his way into a family and their fortune, The Talented Mr. Ripley style. With a little touch of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. And maybe a little Birdman. The plot was never the important part of this production anyway. Read More here

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