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Sep 20, 2015   Leave a Comment 'Almost Famous'

It is a time tested truth that nostalgia fogs up one’s memory of the past worse than downpour hitting the windshield of a bus careening down a highway during a rainstorm. One cannot truly remember without that said memory being filtered through every feeling, obsession, interaction, and nuance that existed in the time in which the memory takes place. When one recalls the past, the past is shown cloaked in a blanket of personality and subjectivity. Not many people understand this as well as Cameron Crowe does. With Almost Famous, what is likely the best film he has made, Crowe crafted a lush and wistful portrait of a particular time (based on his experiences reporting for Rolling Stone in high school) precisely as he remembers it: idealized and stylized, laregly uncynical, and most of all, happy. Read More: // here

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