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Nov 22, 2017   Leave a Comment 'Harry Clarke'

When Harry Clarke humblebrags that the singer Sade is “about the most real person I know,” you believe him. If anyone’s an expert on real people, he is. That’s because he’s a fake. Despite his sometimes posh, sometimes cockney accent, he’s not (as he tells people) from London. Nor is he married to a Frenchwoman named Sabine. Most disappointing, he did not work for 20 years as the “tour manager slash personal assistant slash whatever-else-was-needed kind of person” for the woman who sang “Smooth Operator.” Read More: here

Nov 22, 2017   Leave a Comment 'Harry Clarke'

Patricia Highsmith didn’t write plays. Fortunately, David Cale does write them, and his new one, “Harry Clarke,” received its world premiere Tuesday at Off Broadway’s Vineyard Theatre. As the character Harry Clarke tells us early in this one-person thriller starring Billy Crudup, “I don’t understand why anyone would read reviews. Why would you want to know what’s going to happen?” Read More: here

Nov 22, 2017   Leave a Comment 'Harry Clarke'

Is it identity theft if you choose to live as someone you’re not? The question occurred to me during David Cale’s slyly seductive and quietly creepy solo play “Harry Clarke,” at the Vineyard Theatre. “The Coast of Utopia” Tony winner and “Almost Famous” star Billy Crudup plays mild-mannered Philip Brugglestein, of South Bend, Indiana. Targeted by bullies, including his disapproving dad, Philip early on devises an escape. He creates an alternate identity for himself — Englishman Harry Clarke, who comes complete with a posh accent and killer confidence. Read More: here

Nov 20, 2017   Leave a Comment 'Harry Clarke'

The Vineyard Theatre’s world premiere production of David Cale’s Harry Clarke opened last night, Novemeber 19, under the direction of Leigh Silverman. Billy Crudup stars in the one-man show, running through December 10.

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Nov 02, 2017   Leave a Comment 'Harry Clarke'

Recently extended, David Cale’s solo thriller plays through December 10. Read More // here