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Jan 21, 2018   Leave a Comment 'Harry Clarke'

One of the last performances I saw in 2017 was one of the sliest: Billy Crudup in David Cale’s “Harry Clarke” at New York’s Vineyard Theatre. I caught this off-Broadway solo work at the end of its run and regretted that I hadn’t seen the show earlier to spread the word. The sad thing about the theater is that when a production closes, it’s gone forever. This premiere of “Harry Clarke,” however, is going to have an afterlife that theater lovers far and wide can enjoy. Audible, Amazon’s audio entertainment division, has recorded the production as an audiobook, which will be released on Jan. 23. Audio plays aren’t my go-to pastime, but I’m convinced that “Harry Clarke” will be as intriguing via earbuds as it was to experience live at the Vineyard. Read More here

Jan 21, 2018   Leave a Comment 'Harry Clarke'

On Tuesday, Audible will release the digital audio release of Harry Clarke, a sexually charged and wickedly funny theatrical production starring Tony Award-winning actor Billy Crudup and written by Obie-award winner David Cale. The Audible release means that critically acclaimed, riveting one-man play, which was performed live at New York’s Vineyard Theatre in late 2017, will be accessible to anyone, anytime, anywhere, enabling people to relive the theater magic, or experience it for the first time if they were not fortunate enough to attend in person. Read More here

Jan 13, 2018   Leave a Comment Upcoming

Cate Blanchett, Billy Crudup, Kristen Wiig, Judy Greer and Laurence Fishburne star in this Richard Linklater comedy/drama based on the Maria Semple novel about the search for a woman who has disappeared. Partially filmed in Pittsburgh. (May 11) Read More here