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Dec 12, 2017   Leave a Comment 'Harry Clarke'

At this performance, the role of Harry Clarke will be played by Philip Brugglestein. In fact, at every performance, the title role in Harry Clarke (now extended through December 23 at the Vineyard Theatre) is being played by Philip Brugglestein. David Cale’s latest one-man show is, in reality, a two-man show—both played with separate-but-equal precision by the inestimable Billy Crudup (when not otherwise fielding a half-dozen or so other characters). As solo shows go, this one has a distinct, chilling echo. Read More: here

Dec 02, 2017   Leave a Comment 'Harry Clarke'

Only on rare occasion have I found a one-man (or woman) play rich enough for my blood. Read More here

Dec 02, 2017   Leave a Comment 'Harry Clarke'

The charm and versatility of Billy Crudup has been seen to good effect in the movies, but his appearances onstage are rare. So take advantage of the opportunity to see him at the top of his game in the new off-Broadway tour de force Harry Clarke at the Vineyard Theatre and you’ll be forever glad you did. Read More here

Nov 22, 2017   Leave a Comment 'Harry Clarke'

When Harry Clarke humblebrags that the singer Sade is “about the most real person I know,” you believe him. If anyone’s an expert on real people, he is. That’s because he’s a fake. Despite his sometimes posh, sometimes cockney accent, he’s not (as he tells people) from London. Nor is he married to a Frenchwoman named Sabine. Most disappointing, he did not work for 20 years as the “tour manager slash personal assistant slash whatever-else-was-needed kind of person” for the woman who sang “Smooth Operator.” Read More: here