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Jan 07, 2017   Leave a Comment Interview

If you want dependable, quality work in your movie or TV show, no matter the subject or the setting or the genre, Billy Crudup offers one of the surest bets in the business. And he’s done so for years and years, in everything from “Almost Famous” to “Watchmen.” amNewYork spoke with the prolific actor, 48, about “20th Century Women,” his latest movie, in which he plays a handyman surrounded by strong California women (played by Annette Bening and others) in the epochal year of 1979. Read More: // here

Jan 07, 2017   Leave a Comment '20th Century Women'

In 2010 writer-director Mike Mills made Beginners, in which Christopher Plummer played a thinly veiled version of Mills’ father, who came out at gay in his 70s. Now this talented filmmaker has made another very personal movie ripped from the headlines of his own family. The Golden Globe-nominated comedy-drama 20th Century Women is about his mother — or at least someone resembling her circa 1979, when the movie is set. It is clear Mills has heard the adage, “Write what you know,” and based on the exceptional writing here, he knows this era and this personal mother/son story very well. He also is blessed to have gotten the great Annette Bening as his star, Dorothea, really a stand-in for his own somewhat eccentric but loving mom who brought him up as a single mother in his hometown of Santa Barbara. Read More: // here

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Jan 01, 2017   Leave a Comment Interview

20th Century Women, now playing in limited release, is named after its complicated women. There are three of them to be exact played by Annette Bening, Greta Gerwig and Elle Fanning. To the movie’s great credit, the two male characters are no less fascinating. Take note, men: while the men have their own distinct characters, half of the reason they’re so interesting is their empathy and curiousity about the women they share their lives with. One of the guys is a teenager just getting started in life (Lucas Jade Zumann) and eager to soak it all in. The film’s quietest character is William (Billy Crudup). He’s moving into middle age but headed nowhere in particular; the women have always come to him but he still doesn’t know where he’s going. Read More: // here