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Dec 24, 2016   Leave a Comment '20th Century Women'

Annette Benning’s performance in 20th Century Women is the talk of tinsel town. She’s justifiably touted for an Oscar for her role as a single mom in Santa Barbara coping with the changing world of the late ’70s. One of the year’s most likeable dramedys, it also stars Greta Gerwig, Elle Fanning, Billy Crudup and Lucas Jade Zumann, but the real star for New Yorkers on the downtown scene in the ’90s is the movie’s director, Mike Mills. Read More: // here

Dec 24, 2016   Leave a Comment ‘Alien: Covenant’

20th Century Fox has released a new Alien: Covenant photo featuring a trip down a very familiar hallway, along with a new cryptic number “185612082104,” which adds up to 38, in case you were wondering. Read More: // here