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Dec 03, 2016   Leave a Comment Chat Show Appearance

On last night’s TONIGHT SHOW, guest Billy Grudup discussed joining the film JACKIE after most of the movie was shot and playing the man with a mustache in 20th CENTURY WOMEN. Read More: // here

Dec 01, 2016   Leave a Comment 'Jackie'

Expressionist take on Jacqueline Kennedy in the aftermath of JFK’s murder is fueled by an amazing, go-for-broke performance. Read More: // here

Nov 24, 2016   Leave a Comment Photo Alert

Actor Billy Crudup attends a tribute to Annette Bening and gala screening of A24’s ’20th Century Women’ at AFI Fest 2016, at The Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, California on November 16, 2016. View // here

Nov 24, 2016   Leave a Comment ‘Alien: Covenant’

A new Alien: Covenant poster reveals that the Ridley Scott film will now arrive three months early Read More: // here