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Dec 30, 2016   Leave a Comment Interview

The actor talks about his roles in Jackie and 20th Century Women, and what artists do in times of upheaval. Read More: // here

Dec 30, 2016   Leave a Comment ‘Alien: Covenant’

In the latest in our 10-part series, we run through the films we are most looking forward to next year (in alphabetical order). Today: science fiction
Alien: Covenant
Despite Ridley Scott being back at the reins, Prometheus (2012) turned out to be a bit of a damp squib. Its sequel (and the prequel to the original Alien) looks miles better already. Ripley-esque Katherine Waterston and Danny McBride are among crewmates on the good spaceship Covenant who find what looks like paradise but turns out to be a much less friendly place. Its sole inhabitant: David, the synthetic person played by Michael Fassbender (and the highlight of Prometheus). Read More: // here

Dec 26, 2016   Leave a Comment 'Youth In Oregon'

Orion Pictures and Samuel Goldwyn Films bought the U.S. rights to Frank Langella’s drama “Youth in Oregon” and will release the movie theatrically and on demand on Feb. 3. “Youth in Oregon” is directed by Joel David Moore from a script by Andrew Eisen. The film also stars Billy Crudup and Christina Applegate with Mary Kay Place, Josh Lucas, Nicola Peltz, and Alex Shaffer. Read More: // here

Dec 26, 2016   Leave a Comment Interview

After playing a blue collar type in the new drama, Billy Crudup can’t fix your car, but he can fake-fix it. Read More: // here