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Aug 19, 2016   Leave a Comment ‘Alien: Covenant’

A very brief video from the set of Alien: Covenant reveals actress Katherine Waterston passed out in a hypersleep chamber, similar to the one we’ve seen in Alien and Aliens, only this one is constantly flashing lights, which I know would give me a restless night’s sleep. If it’s not as close to pitch black as possible, I’m waking up in a crabby mood. Read More: // here

Aug 17, 2016   Leave a Comment 'gypsy'

Billy Crudup is set as the male lead opposite Naomi Watts in Gypsy, Netflix’s psychological thriller drama series from Universal Television, Working Title and writer Lisa Rubin. Read More: // here

The 1970s-set drama stars Annette Bening as a bohemian mother, Greta Gerwig as a punk artist sporting a Bowie-like haircut and Elle Fanning. Read More: // here

Jul 31, 2016   Leave a Comment ‘Alien: Covenant’

Michael Fassbender teases a “scarier” alien creature in next year’s Prometheus follow-up and franchise revival, Alien Covenant. Ridley Scott’s belated 2012 directorial return to his bellwether sci-fi horror Alien franchise in Prometheus met mixed fan feedback ranging from perceptions of it as an enthrallingly deep philosophical exploration of the primordial, to another viewing the film as a slow, pretentious indulgence in ontological space fiction. However, its roots in the Alien mythology were firmly fed, leaving things open to expand into terrifying new territory. Indeed, co-star Michael Fassbender hints at such a direction. Read More: // here

Jul 31, 2016   Leave a Comment ‘Alien: Covenant’

Excitement is building for Alien: Covenant, and among those eager to see it is Michael Fassbender, who promises that the upcoming film will be even scarier than its predecessor, Prometheus. The new film follows the crew of a colony ship that discovers what they believe to be an uninhabited planet, until they come across Fassbender’s David, a synthetic, who survived the Prometheus expedition. Read More: // here