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Jan 08, 2016   Leave a Comment Site Update

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Jan 08, 2016   Leave a Comment Upcoming / Spotlight

Spotlight, which chronicled a team of journalists digging to expose a coverup by the Boston archdiocese of an epidemic of pedophile priests, has been voted Best Picture of 2015 by the 50th annual National Society of Film Critics. Read More: // here

Dec 30, 2015   Leave a Comment Upcoming / Spotlight

With advance word of well-received showings in Venice and Telluride, the audience for Spotlight at the Toronto International Film Festival was in full anticipation mode. After seeing director Tom McCarthy’s extraordinary handling of the story about The Boston Globe’s investigation into child abuse within the Catholic Church, the audience was on its feet as the cast joined the real Spotlight reporters onstage. So what makes this serious film one of the season’s most popular? Producers Nicole Rocklin and Steve Golin—half of the producing team that also includes Blye Pagon Faust and Michael Sugar—share their thoughts. Read More: // here

Dec 28, 2015   Leave a Comment Gallery, Media/Icons

Screencaps from The Hi Lo Country added to the Gallery. Icons added to the Media section.

Dec 28, 2015   Comments Off on New Layout Site Update

We have a new layout thanks to the wonderful