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Jul 08, 2015   Leave a Comment 'Youth In Oregon'

Frank Langella and Billy Crudup are starring in the indie dark comedy. Read More: // here

Jul 02, 2015   Leave a Comment Gallery, Media/Icons

Screencaps from the following added to the Gallery. Icons added to the Media section.

* Jesus Son
* Sleepers
* Watchmen ( & DVD Bonus Feature)
* Public Enemies

Screencaps from the following added to the Gallery.
* Charlotte Gray
* Blood Ties DVD Bonus Feature

Jun 28, 2015   Leave a Comment Article

We know her as the charming, strong-willed housewife (Lynette Scavo, Desperate Housewives), the passionately driven mother of a murdered son (Barb Hanlon, American Crime), and the inspiring transexual parent of an estranged runaway teen (Bree, Transamerica). This week, though, we get to see Felicity Huffman as a CIA director who must work with the Vice President (played by Victor Garber) to find the President of the United States (Samuel L. Jackson) when he goes missing in Big Game. Huffman, one of today’s most lauded TV and film actors, gave us her list of five favorite films — movies that not only have entertained her but have served as inspiration for her ever-thought-provoking acting work. Here is the list, along with an astute explanation for each selection. Enjoy!
RUDDERLESS (William H. Macy, 2014) 63%
People might question this but Rudderless, which was directed by my husband [William H. Macy]. But I say Rudderless because of two things. One is because of the way the movie was structured, and the way Bill directed it. The audience got to experience in a small way, I think, what parents get to experience when their child does something horrific. That you’re going along with one experience of your child, which is, “He or she is like this, and this is the kind of person they are, and I love them dearly.” And then they do some horrific, incomprehensible action and it pulls the rug out from under you. And Bill did that and the movie Rudderless does that; it pulls a rug out from under you. Your breath gets knocked out of you, you go, “[Gasp].” And suddenly you are reevaluating Billy Crudup’s relationship with his son from a completely different perspective and, again, I just think that’s masterful storytelling. The other reason is Billy Crudup’s performance. And, acting with Billy Crudup, I mean, what, did I do two scenes with him, maybe three? It really changed the target for me. I went, “Oh that’s what good acting is.” Really, and it really informed my work on American Crime. So for me it was a clinic on great acting. So for those two reasons. Read More: // here

Jun 28, 2015   Leave a Comment Upcoming/Glass Chin

Corey Stoll describes his upcoming movie Glass Chin as “confounding”. Read More: // here