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Mar 31, 2018   Leave a Comment Interview

Billy Crudup loves disappearing into characters.
So it wouldn’t be off-base to assume he jumped at the chance to play 19 of them in Harry Clarke, the new one-man Off-Broadway play about a man with multiple personalities that’s recently earned the actor rave reviews. “When I first heard it was a solo show, my initial reaction was, ‘You gotta be fuckin’ kidding me, I’ve never done anything like that,’” Crudup tells ET over the phone from his home in New York City. Harry Clarke is the alter ego of Philip Brugglestein, “a curiously captivating, but essentially timid” man, in the playwright’s words, who “feels more himself speaking with an English accent” — even though he’s from South Bend, Indiana. Harry, on the other hand, with his resounding deep voice and knack for personal fictions, is outgoing and magnetic in a way the shy, queer Philip can only dream of. When Harry more or less takes the reins full-time after Philip arrives in New York, he ingratiates himself with a Manhattan family to shocking results. (Think Talented Mr. Ripley, only less macabre.) Read More here

Mar 25, 2018   Leave a Comment Site Update

I am going on holiday shortly therefore there will be no site updates until the middle of April.

Mar 25, 2018   Leave a Comment 'Harry Clarke'

Let’s face it: You didn’t come here for me to regurgitate the facts about this show. Chances are, you’ve already read that Billy Crudup plays a Midwestern man who since childhood has felt that an English accent was his “true voice” despite physical and verbal abuse from peers and from his homophobic father. Who moves to New York following his father’s death to live his desired life as an Englishman. Who, from following a man one day to meeting him by happenstance at a theater months later to a series of impulsive decisions made afterwards, charms his way into a family and their fortune, The Talented Mr. Ripley style. With a little touch of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. And maybe a little Birdman. The plot was never the important part of this production anyway. Read More here

Mar 25, 2018   Leave a Comment 'Harry Clarke'

Downtown writer David Cale entrusts one of his offbeat solo shows to super-thesp Billy Crudup, to excellent effect. Read More here

Mar 21, 2018   Leave a Comment 'Harry Clarke'

Naomi Watts and Simon Baker Join Billy Crudup for Return of Harry Clarke. Read More here