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Jan 26, 2014   Leave a Comment Reviews, Rudderless

It’s funny, but if you asked me to list my favorite actors, it would take me a while to get to Billy Crudup. Probably that’s Crudup has made some strange, but often admirable, career choices and has occasionally vanished in the background in the sort of paycheck roles I wouldn’t begrudge him for a second. Continue @

Jan 22, 2014   Leave a Comment Photo Alert, Sundance

‘Rudderless’ Portraits at Sundance // here
‘Rudderless’ Party at Sundance // here

Jan 22, 2014   Leave a Comment Rudderless, Sundance

William H. Macy’s directorial debut Rudderless stars Billy Crudup as a father grieving after the death of his son and Selena Gomez as the son’s girlfriend. The three sat down with EW’s Sara Vilkomerson to talk about the making of the film and its music. Continue @

Jan 22, 2014   Leave a Comment Reviews, Rudderless, Sundance

Just when you thought you’d seen William H. Macy do everything, he steps behind the camera with his feature debut Rudderless. Macy co-wrote and directs a complex story of love, loss, friendship and music. Billy Crudup stars as Sam, the successful father of a boy who dies in a school shooting. After years of grief, Sam comes to realize his son was a very talented budding musician. With the help of another young musician named Quentin (Anton Yelchin), the two bring his music to the public. Continue @