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Feb 02, 2014   Leave a Comment Reviews, Rudderless

Rudderless is the grief movie of Sundance. I must be an enigma to some readers because I criticize important movies that exploit tragedy, but revel in movies that deal with grief. Well, Rudderless is a great case study in what I want in a drama. It turns grief into vitality and tragedy into beauty. When Josh (Miles Heizer) is killed in a school shooting, his father Sam (Billy Crudup) does his best to keep going, but it gets worse before it gets any better. When he discovers a box of songs Josh recorded, Sam plays one at an open mic night. A local fanboy Quentin (Anton Yelchin) harasses him until Sam agrees to play together, and they ultimately form a band named Rudderless because Sam lives on a boat. Continue @

Jan 26, 2014   Leave a Comment Blood Ties

The latest poster for French director Guillaume Canet’s upcoming crime thriller Blood Ties plays up the family angle with a scrapbook-style layout featuring cast members Clive Owen, Zoe Saldana, Mila Kunis, Marion Cotillard, James Caan, and Billy Crudup. Continue @

Jan 26, 2014   Leave a Comment Rudderless, Sundance

All this week Paste is bringing you preview interviews with filmmakers who are taking their new films to Sundance. Keith Kjarval was last at Sundance with the Jennifer Hudson film The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete. His new film Rudderless stars William H. Macy (who also directed), Selena Gomez, Jamie Chung, and Billy Crudup, and it’s about a musician struggling with loss. We spoke with him about the film, working with Macy as a director, what he’s looking forward to from the Sundance experience, and much more. Continue @

Jan 26, 2014   Leave a Comment Reviews, Rudderless

It’s funny, but if you asked me to list my favorite actors, it would take me a while to get to Billy Crudup. Probably that’s Crudup has made some strange, but often admirable, career choices and has occasionally vanished in the background in the sort of paycheck roles I wouldn’t begrudge him for a second. Continue @